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Thread: Filtering email

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    Filtering email

    I have a domain, in which the previous owner let expire, and now that it's active again I'm getting email (mostly junk) to the domain for the users that were previously there. I've setup filtering in cpanel, but they don't seem to work for some reason. For an example say the email address is [email protected], I've setup filters for $header_to: is "[email protected]", but they get by it. I've also tried making mailboxes for those users with a tiny quota, but all that does is cause the box to overflow and I get hundreds of messages at the default account about delayed, discarded messages due to the users mailbox being full. Should the filters be set to discard the $header_to as the full email address (ie [email protected]) or just for the username? I've tried both ways with no avail. Maybe doing a forward for the email address to some sort of null address would work better? I'm using Micfo as the host, which has cpanel 9.2.0 if that helps any. Any tips or suggestions as how to get rid of this mail would be fantastic, thanks!
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    Why not just use :fail or :blackhole:

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