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    Simple Plesk 7 and ServerMatrix DNS Questions

    I decided to try out Plesk 7 on my SM box but I am having a suprisingly difficult time in getting my webpages displayed, possibly due to the DNS setup. I've read the Plesk documentation a couple times and for some reason still having difficulty, any help would be great.

    My first question is when you're in the DNS settings for a particluar domain does one need to "switch" and add the server matrix DNS address as the master since that is the DNS address my registar has for my domain?

    Secondly, are the HTML files placed in the domains "HTTPDocs" folder and they are ready to be browsed, or is there something else that needs to be done before they can be viewed?

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    We have been using plesk 7 with no issues, once domain is created, if DNS are resolving fine, it should display default page from plesk, nothing else to do.

    You have 2 options for DNS :
    1. use external name servers and point to your server ip
    2. configure your own name server at plesk, like . you need to create this entry also in registrar . Once created, then you can assign all your domains with those name servers

    If you need more help, please PM me


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    this tutorial, makes sense, up to a certain point. for newbies, where it seems to get shady, is when it talks about the server's dns vs the domain's dns. it uses the same domain name for the example.

    can someone show an example of having, for example: as the server dns and as the domain dns?

    a sort of a quick-start guid would be cool.

    i am still trying to sort through this dns stuff.

    can someone help please?

    thanks in advance!

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