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    * [critique] new layout preview :)

    How does this new layout preview look?


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    There's another forum for this somewhere and the mods can move it eventually. That said, it looks fine.
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    O, I am sorry, I didnt know where to post it, so put it in the general forum

    Thanks for that word pixel_fenix

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    I don't see why you have your name twice in the header? Maybe condense the header and move the 468x60 ad up a bit higher. This would allow more room for content on the index page and encourage viewing. - Shared and Reseller Hosting Solutions on cPanel/WHM Linux Servers - Discount ModernBill Licenses, Hosted Installations, and Professional Services
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    I would say the logo is good looking, but you shouldn't use the name twice in the header.

    Nice work
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    The design looks pretty good. My only suggestion would be to do something to the text ontop of the red tabs. It hurt my eyes to try to read it.
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    Ok, Thank you Brandon

    Any thing else I can improve?

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    Yes, remove the second Jezzo you have there, it looks to me like you are mixing your styles up. The rest of the design is sleek [almost] but you have some grungy text for the second Jezzo.

    The text on the red bars; remove the outer glow as it only takes away from the design.

    Also, did you create the image for the header? If so good job!

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    Thanks IDS, I am working on it now and looking to stir up a new preview
    Thanks a ton, anyone else? I appreciate it so much!

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    Nice one.
    Also just to let you know that it is ADVERTISING, and not ADVERTIZING. :: 100% European Cloud-Based Web Hosting
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    thats pretty cool.

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