M3Server has been serving commercial and personal sites since November of 1996!
We offer quality bandwidth and great service at a reasonable price.
We are known to go the extra mile to help the new webmaster. No questions are stupid questions.
M3Server is not a reseller. We own our own datacenter that is run by our own employees

All our servers run the M3 Linux 9.0 - Performance Tuned.

M3Server has level3 connectivity with uunet, bgp4 networked together.

Until the end of May you can pick one of the following specials on DSLite and higher servers.

-> double bandwidth for a full year!

-> 50% off first 3 months!

-> buy one get one free for 3 months!

We are offering a $100 rebate on Ultralite, redeemable after 3rd month credited to your account - so your 4th/5th months are free!

30 day money back policy
These prices end May 31st.