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    Ideas? for a free script?

    I'm leaving to Europe for about 6 weeks and I will have a ton of time on my hands, and of course a laptop. So I was thinking that I should use that time to benefit the world and make some kind of free PHP script. Now I've already made a free new posting system which I plan to make a MySQL version of when I get back from my trip, but now I want to do something else that people need. So I'm asking you, the people at WebHostingTalk, for what I should make. Remember it's free and I got 6 weeks to make it perfect, what should it be?

    My skills: XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and basic java

    This is a brainstorming opportunity! Remember, there are no bad suggestions at this time, unless.... well anyway, give me some ideas plz.

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    try to make somekind of helpdesk that use same username and password of the cpanel so only cpanel users ( allready custmomers for hosting ) can use it.


    I know that reply came SO late

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    Try to make billing software. Second option phone directory.

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    Make an easy to install Hot Or Not script. I've been looking for a free on the internet.
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    I think a script that generates code for integration into helm would be good. Modernbill does not do this, maybe you could make the MB module
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    how about a contact manager?....includes configurable follow up emails, status of contact, notes, etc.

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    hmmm...personally i think a good flexible download manager script that supports not only mirror links (maybe at random too?), with a good tracker on who downloaded (eg which ip), throw in hotlinking protection if necessary, flexibility on display filesize, etc.

    most scripts i see are all, fixed. it doesn't have enough flexibility for the webmaster to use. something like forum-flexibility is lacking imo.

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