These accounts are designed to provide you with the ability to store files of any time of variety and do with them as you please, we do not monitor the contents of your account and have no restrictions on the content. However, if we are contacted by various authorities regarding your account, we do withold the right to terminate your account without refund. (24 hour notice will be given).

StoreAll Accounts ONLY include:

FTP and HTTP access to your files

No MySQL databases, Control Panels or support of any kind is available

These accounts are designed for general file storage. Feel free to ping Our bandwidth provider is XO

As I've stated, there is no support of any kind with these accounts. No commitment and no monthly contract. Payment via PayPal only, all major credit cards accepted.

kiloStore -
100MB Space & 5GB Bandwidth

$2.95 a/month

200MB Space & 10GB Bandwidth

$4.95 a/month

400MB Space & 20GB Bandwidth

$7.95 a/month

or the total store package

1GB Space & 50GB Bandwidth

$14.95 a/month

Space is limited, PM or Reply if interested.