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    Sick of Os-Commerce Need Help Building

    Ok I'm a newbie here so hello all,

    I know basic HTML, java and photo shop. Recently I tried to open a small online business but found out that Os Commerce was my only option (which I didn't mind as I was only accepting Paypal and Nochex(UK Paypal)). However I want to expand to a new look and have found the site which I would like mine to look like. I also am in the process of buying a merchant account from World Pay so I can accept all credit/debit cards.

    My question to you members is how do I go about building a cart capable site from scratch? Will I need to learn PHP and/or ASP? If so can any one recommend books, tutorials?

    I've also been quoted to have the site built for me for 130/$230 is this reasonable and worth doing?

    Sorry about all the Q's you time is appreciated.

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    I think there is no particular book that will teach you how to tweak an OS commerce cart. I would think the internet is the best option to find such information. OS commerce is built in PHP and of course it would be good to learn some basic functions (not to make it more functionable but to customise the look).

    You should be able to receive alot of help from the oscommerce forum where people contribute to make it better.

    $230 is not unreasonable if you require some customisation of the code as well as a neat and personlised layout. If I didn't remember wrongly, some sites sell OScommerce templates for about $150. Despite the fact that it is quite easy to customise for the experts, I would think it is far more convenient for a newbie to seek their help.

    Hope this might help you in a way.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will look into the Oscommerce templates.

    Cheers Again

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    Hi Ashlvsya,

    osCommerce is traditionally difficult to customize - one solution which is ALOT more flexible is Zen Cart (based on osCommerce but has been modified to make it 1) easier to use and 2) easier to customize )

    I've also been quoted to have the site built for me for 130/$230 is this reasonable and worth doing?
    This seems like a reasonable offer - but its all about quality of work - plus, what happens if your requirements change in the future? What are the associated costs of adding more complex functionality vs the costs associated with customizing osC or Zen Cart..

    Hope this helps...

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    OS-Commerce takes time. But the reward in the end will be great! I have been working with it for the last month and have become sick of it also, but I see the end result and what other people have created with it. Use the OS commerce forum and spend time reading posts and other people issues. The OS community is very helpful.

    my 2cents

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