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    forwarding E-Mails


    i want that all E-Mails that goes to [email protected], gets forwarded to [email protected]

    1) both [email protected] and [email protected] are pop accounts

    2) a COPY should be sent to [email protected], so [email protected] would still need to have the E-Mail

    any ideas on how to do that?


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    lets get a bit of facts first

    1) Are all of these accounts on the same domain b/c you only have listed

    2) What type of enviroment is this (ISP account, shared hosting, dedicated)

    3) What software / OS do we have (Windows, *nix, cPanel, etc)
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    1) yep, same domain

    2) it's a shared account... i have root on the server, but don't want to use it just for that, and probably isn't necessary

    3) linux with cpanel

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    If you already have both accounts as pop, simply add a forwarder via cpanel
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