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    Looking for a Partner

    hey every1

    I am looking for a partner for making a cheap hosting company. I think to start out we would use a reseller account and when we would get bigger to get a dedicated server.
    If anyone thinks this is a good idea and wants to work with me you can email me at: [email protected]
    please add:


    you can also contace me by AIM: i am scott 53

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    Send me an email at: chris [at] Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    Would you be interested in being sponsored by me?

    Here is what happens. I provide server, support software, and billing management as well as client manager (program and software)

    You focus on managing the hosting business including everything to do with web site, managing clients, TOS, AUP, and staff. etc.
    However, 70% cliet payment goes to you, and the rest comes to me. With that 30%, I keep the server up and continue providing scripts and such.

    Please contact me if you would be interested in something like this.

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    these partner thingys can always get so risky in buissness and sometimes your better flying solo... i wish you all the best of luck
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    hay how about me :p

    my email is azizsaleh at ureach zot com
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