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    Talking MySQL Load Problem (not enought)

    I'm testing a dev box right now that sifts through a DB of about 80,000 records and presents quite a few reports.

    One of these reports I actually had to change the max_execute time in php.ini over 30 seconds. One report makes over 300 calls to the DB (which is local to the box)

    The problem is the server WinXP Pro NEVER goes over 50% server load. (P4HT 2.8Ghz)..... I want that PC spiked to 100%

    Is there something I can do to raise the amount of the proc mysql uses? (variable, setting, etc?)
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    Do you have hyperthreading turned on? A query only runs on processor at a time, so the workload is only on one "processor" at a time, thus 50% of what XP perceives as the full capacity. HT is an odd duck, though, in that performance from one "processor" comes at the expense of the other. You wouldn't see much improvement even if you hit the magical 100% point.

    To use both "processors" you will need two (or more) DB connections open and executing queries. This also requires a separate instance of PHP for managing each connection. Parallel programming is not for the faint of heart, and the effort would be wasted for a trivial gain, unless you have at least two real processors.
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