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    Server worth it and any promos?(theplanet)

    The Planet

    Details: P2800sr

    Server: Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz - Monthly Fee: $349.00
    Primary HDD: 73 GB SCSI
    Secondary HDD: 73 GB SCSI
    RAM: ECC Registered 2048 MB RAM
    Number of ips: 11 IP Addresses with FloodGuard
    Bandwidth: 2000 GB Bandwidth
    Uplink Port Speed: 100 Mbps Uplink
    Web Analytics: None
    Database: None
    Backup Service: Network Backup - 40 GB
    Operating System: Windows Server 2003, Standard
    Server Management Plan: Gold
    Control Panel: None
    Firewall: None
    RAID: RAID 1
    Chassis Control: DRAC Card

    Anyone has this series of servers and can comment on it?

    How fast download/upload do you get on your server?

    Any promos currently running, or any way to get some sort of discount through salesperson or etc?

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    Just grabbed one of those today. I already have an RLX based Total Control - very happy with it.

    They had a 3rd 73gb SCSI drive a while back (not really suitable for those of us that want everything in RAID 1 though), but now they have the free setup...
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    I saw the free setup which seems good but thats only a 50$ off one time fee, whats the code for it neway? How is the abndwidth and donwload/upload rate on your server?

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