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    I need a really CHEAP Dedicated


    I need a really CHEAP dedicated server to host the main site of my hosting.
    I will just host this site, it uses like 1GB /monthly and 100MB of Space.
    I need this server to have my server always online, so if any server goes offline my company will not stop.

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    69 superb network.

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    try VPS (dinix , powervps vpscolo ....)

    Hosting Search engine

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    "really CHEAP" != reliable.

    Having said that, if you're looking for a cheap server, I'd point you in the direction of either ($55 2.0 GHz Celerons) or a Nocster reseller ($42-$47 for a P3 800 MHz)

    Another option you may want to look into is a VPS- a virtual private server. I'd imagine you can get one for as little as $20-$30/mo.
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    Originally posted by Steve M. superb network.
    I wouldn't really call AssertiveNetworks bandwidth "superb". Contact to see what the cheapest servers they can offer are - They're multi-homed (at least they claim so for new servers) with GBLX, Level3, Wiltel, and Cogent.


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    i second wholesaleinternet
    Quality Canadian Web Hosting

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    I agree, go for a cheap VPS
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    I have recently bought a server from globaldc i love there uptime and speed and there support is the best.
    They have two servers on that are really cheap.
    They have been very good to me i have had no trouble there network is wonderful and there servers are made great.
    i suggest you take a look around there before you decide anything.

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    I seconded wholesaleinternet too. Have got a dedi from them. Smooth running giving me no prob.

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    If you want really cheap your probably looking at Nocster or Managed. Support could be better but they are cheap.

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