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    Hosting Business setup

    Hi everyone,

    We are looking for an experienced person well versed in the hosting industry to work on and complete a project we started some 2 years ago.

    Without going into full details we started work on a new hosting Business in 2002 but have had to delay and delay it simply because of time restrictions and other Business commitments. Even now time is of the essence but we want to open the Business ASAP.

    An awful lot of the groundwork is in place including:-

    1) Quality Design
    2) EV1 Server fully setup and ready to go
    3) Demo Demo support videos in place
    4) Modern Bill installed but NOT integrated
    5) Drams setup but NOT integrated and NOT tested with our Enom account
    6) Some content still missing from pages

    So what do we need doing? Well we need someone to work on completing the Business including professionally integrating both Modern Bill and Drams/Enom, adding outstanding content. Check pages for errors and spelling mistakes etc. Checking systems to see if everything flows through OK from the perspective of the client and also for us as the admins.

    We would also need the applicant to research and insert suitable meta tags but we will take care of the marketing.

    We have around £300 for this project, thatís around $540.

    In time the applicant may be offered a manager role with a rake off of the profits but please not apply with this specifically in mind. First and foremost we need to get everything setup.

    Although time is short at our end we are on hand to offer assistance with the setup.

    If interested please E-Mail [email protected] with a brief introduction, examples of previous work and why you feel your right for the job.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


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    Dear David,

    I'm interested in your request, I'd enjoy a one on one conversation on AOL instant messanger if possible. Please post your screename below or if you would feel more comfortable, e-mail would be fine.

    Thank You,
    Dean Geruntino

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    Saskatoon, SK
    I am quite interested in your request as well. I have experience integrating 10+ company's web designs into WHMAutoPilot and am currently working to to provide this service for all other billing applications (Modernbill, Whoiscart, Drams, etc).

    References of past work can be given upon request.

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    Sorry for the off-topic question but "ve" means venezuela?

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    Sorry, I pmed you instead of emailing you like stated, if you want me to send the same message in a email, please ask me.

    Jerome Gravel-Niquet
    jerome.g-n Specializing in corporate designs and pure CSS websites.

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    Hi Franciso,

    A lot of people have ask that over the years we have been on WHT :-).

    The VE stands for ventures.


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