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    Support Software

    I need something I can put on my site that will help me with support issues that will be ticketed and the custoemr will get their own ticket number/issue number.

    It's something I could write myself but I don't have the time. Anyone know where I can find a free or low cost system/script like this?

    I need it to be able to show what time the ticket was created, who the client is, description of problem and maybe even a urgency status.

    Thanks in advance!

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    798 there are a ton of CMS scripts out there

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    If your using a windows server with the .net framework, I would recommend smarterticket from

    It is free for one agent and doesn't cost to much after that, I can offer it much cheaper if you need more then one agent.

    I been using it for two or three months and find it user friendly and stable. I never had any problems with it anyways. - Content Management / Portal Software Solutions
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    Originally posted by zupanm there are a ton of CMS scripts out there
    I not think Shroder need CMS for this. He need support software.
    There are lot of support software in market. Like PerlDesk, PHP Support Ticket System etc. etc.
    You can find them on

    But i think mostly like PerlDesk.

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