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    How do I disable reverse IP whois/ check on my server?

    I host a few sites on one server, all using the same shared IP address. I notice that people can easily go to say,, enter one of my domains, and do a reverse IP check to see all my sites hosted on the server. Is there anyway to disable this ability? I gather it has to do with reverse IPs.


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    to turn rdns off, you need to contact the noc and ask them to do so, however, removing rdns may cause your server to be blocked from certain mail servers (such as AOL)

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    You have to pay Whois Source a fee to remove your IP addresses from their site. It's public information though. Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    what does it really matter as they have us listed with 2 domains on srv2 which has over 150 accounts...
    I get a laugh when i see that someone has used this in my logs

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