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    Question Help Center/Support with Integrated Chat and Trouble Tickets

    Hey Ya'll -

    I know there are dozens of threads on the best "Help Center" programs ... I've been reading them for a week ...

    I wonder what people can recommend as far as having software with the chat and trouble ticket system INTEGRATED?

    Help Center Live is great in this area, but we've been using it for nearly a month, and still haven't gotten rid of all the 'bugs" ... tons of stuff going wrong on it, and we've given up.

    I like the chat features of PHPLiveSupport, but there is no trouble ticket system.
    Kayoke looks awesome, but they have two separate products ... one for chat, and another for trouble ticket.

    EdgePanel seems promising because they are telling me that their "chat" is being totally rewritten to be like PHPLiveSupport ... but that's another 60+ days out ...

    Are there any other options where Live Chat and Trouble Tickets are integrated? (ie. in Help Center Live, if no chat advisor answers, it takes you into the TT system)


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    hi, if you get time, please drop me an email to mike at with the bugs you experienced. were you using version 1.2.5?

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    Thanks for posting to my post on the web hosting talk forum - I love HCL ... TripodSupport.Com is my outsourced support, and they are the ones who have done all the install ...

    Currently, I'm aware of the following issues:
    1) even though operators are online, cannot connect from chat (see ...) it says "connecting ..." and then redirects to the submit a trouble ticket
    2) submitting TT's works fine ... but once they have been updated, you cannot login and see the ticket anymore - it's all gone, as if it never existed.
    3) the only way to find a ticket is to search by Ticket ID
    4) when it says "2 open tickets and 4 closed tickets" .... clicking on "Open Tickets" (all) or "Closed Tickets" (all) says "no tickets found".

    So, when an operator updates a ticket, the email sends successfully to the customer, and they click on the link, login, but no ticket is found.

    That's the issues so far ... I dunno if it's my server or what ... I've told the support folks @ TripodSupport that i have a newer server they could try it on ... but so far, they don't think it's my server.

    Any ideas?

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    Yes, if you upgrade to 1.2.5 all your problems should be fixed..

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