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    Exclamation ArkLinux Logo Design Contest - We Need You!

    Due to the high profile nature of this request, We have decided to make a contest of this particular GRAPHICS REQUEST.

    The Ark team is interested in finding out what YOU envision as an ideal logo for "All things related to Ark". Is there anything 'wrong' with the current logo? No, not really.. but we want to find out if it could be BETTER.

    To that end, today starts the beginning of our "<insert new logo here>" contest! Anyone may enter, and you are welcome to submit as many entries as you like. All submissions need to be scalable (able to be blown up for banners and shrunk for letterhead/web graphics). That is really the only limitation on the logos. They do NOT need to necessarily maintain the current logo/ark theme. It's as wide-open as you want it to be.

    Logos do not necessarily need to say 'Ark Linux' anywhere on them.. we're looking more for a new 'symbol' I suppose.. but feel free to supply your logo with the font choice you feels goes best.

    Contest submissions will stop at midnight of May 31, Eastern Daylight Time. Entries will be judged by the Ark team. *IF we do not find any one (or more) logo that we love more than the one we have now, we will honor our top 10 favorites, and maintain our current logo* Otherwise, the winner(s) will receive:

    The fame and recognition that go along with being 'the guy/girl who designed the ark logo'

    One of each piece of future Ark Merchandise* carrying the new logo

    A shiny new set of Ark CD's bearing your logo

    The pride of having your artwork displayed on everything 'Ark'.

    Weighted consideration for future graphics related projects.

    (* Merchandise here is defined as products manufactured specifically for sale to the general public, bearing your logo. Or .. more specifically.. merchandise commissioned by the ark team and sold in any future 'Ark Store')

    Non-winning entries will be handled as the artist sees fit. If they wish to have them added to the ark graphics repository, we will gladly do so. All rights to those graphics remain with the artists. For legal purposes, we will require that the rights to the winning graphic(s) be transferred to the Ark team, to do with as we desire. If that notion is unpalatable, we understand, but with something as 'core to the project' as a logo, we have to own it and all rights to it.

    Please send your submissions to devel-list<at>

    If you have questions or comments, please refer them directly to me.
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    sounds cool

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    Then... you want a logo for free and you will want a super pro work, i guess.

    I think at least you could offer a award for the winner... "The pride of having your artwork displayed on everything 'Ark' " is not too much.

    I only talk from my experience, all this contests are a wasting of time for designers and a free way to get your logo.

    Nothig personally agaisnt you... only thoughts.

    Good luck

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