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    a few questions about control panels for web hosting services....

    hello can you please answer my questions asap...
    if a web hosting service wanted to setup a website for their service to sell web hosting online, how would that be connected with the control panel software? how would you setup the billing and the different packages for clients on the web hosting service's website to sell webhosting online? how would i setup my companies website once i have my control panel software setup on my pc? is their a way to connect the control panel so that it can automatically update packages etc..? How would i setup the billing on the website so that clients from all over the world can purchase hostign from my company?
    ill be looking forward to your reply, thanks!

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    If you get a dedicated server most of them will give you options on which Control Panel you want such as Cpanel, Plesk, Ensim.
    If you are starting out you should get Cpanel CP and WHM Autopilot
    which is a billing software but it auto creates the packages you choose.

    you connect thru a control panel via a IP address

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    Also, Modernbill might be another option as its loaded with ridiculous amount of features.
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    My suggestion would be to first of all add some line breaks to your post to make it easier to read.

    Then purchase a reseller package that comes with a control panel. This way you can learn all this rather than wastign money on a server.
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