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    Hello all, My name is Christopher.

    Im currently a student at University at Buffalo in WNY.

    I work 9-5 M-F on-campus for the technical services as a student assistant...

    ive noticed that working here that i get quite a bit of free time during that 9-5 shift and that I get immensly bored at times.

    I've worked sales at Sears before on the electronics floor selling TVs etc so i do have customer relations / experience

    I've also worked for a fast food business for 2 years (from age 15 - 17 not working there anymore)

    currently my only job is at UB right now... At this job i have experience with Windows server 2000/2003 and slight knowledge of active directory (very slim)
    I also know basic linux commands and am decently versed with cpanel and WHM as i have a few sites that i ahve run in the past / currently run.

    As my current job is on and off at times i cannot gaurantee a set time that i would be on for tech support / sales, so if your flexible and would allow me to work around my schedule it would work out much better (an example is that there may have been a compromise to a test server, and i would have to go rebuild it ASAP. Or MS just released a new critical security patch that i would need to install on all the test servers that I'm in charge of.)
    (as of right now all I'm working on is research / development of an unattend CD for some dev machines to make rebuilding easier)

    EDIT: I personally have never had specific experience selling web hosting space, but i have had experience dealing with researching web hosts and their offers / comparing them to other hosts

    Thanks again guys for your time to read all this,

    maybe I'll hear from you,

    AIM: christovan153
    e-mail: [email protected]
    or PM me here at webhostingtalk
    (sorry, i dont give out my university e-mail anymore as I get a decent amount of spam to begin with )
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