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    'incremental' backup of mysqld files

    Is there a way to make a backup of only the changes of a .MYD / .MYI file to e.g. a ftp server?

    I used to rsync all mysql files to an other server which is not possible with the ftp storage I just received.

    yes, I know you can run a bin-log (which I am doing) but it would take about 12h in case of a crash to play everything back for a 1-day binlog and even longer for a weekly snapshot.

    I imagine something like this:

    - mysql slave server contains:
    - directory with the most current data
    - directory with data which is exactly 24h old

    => I'd like to make some kind of 'diff' between the files in these directories, similar to how rsync does it, compress it and transfer it to the ftp server. Once a week I'll do a full backup (80GB data)

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    there are several "binary diffs" available ...
    e.g. this one: (which may consume too much memory in your case)
    or (the IMHO best one)


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