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    Hi there, I am looking for a job which pays about 400/month. I am experienced in php, perl and javascript, and can do java, and c++ as well. I have 5 years of experience providing technical support and would love and opportunity to help out people with problems. I am reliable and take everything I do seroiusly. If you care to look at my resume you can see it at Resume .

    Let me know if you are interested!

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    Interested, please PM contact information

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    Contact info has been pm'd to you.

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    Well I dunno if people mistook what I wrote. I am looking for some project, all I would like is $400/month for a project or several projects. I am quite professional in what I do. I prefer telecommuting for the project, and can usually do things fairly quickly. In any event, if anyone has something they would like me to do, (it can be complex... I love a challenge, or it can be simpler). Please let me know, anywhere from 300-400/month would rock. Paypal is fine with me.

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