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    * What is Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions 2002


    What exactly are FrontPage Server Extensions? i have the option to provide my customers with it, but i dont know what it is and is it resource intensive. If so then maybe i will only provide it to certain packages only.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    This may give you some history:

    The extension basically allow the FrontPage Webmaster to easily create interactive Web pages without having to know Perl, PHP, etc. or how to install such freeware-based applications.

    If you have a high end server (Pentium, 1 GB or more of RAM, etc.), then FrontPage extension resources are generally a blip on the radar screen.

    If you have a low end server (Celeron, less than 512 MB of RAM, etc.), then the extensions can be a resource hog.

    Thank you.
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    U should provide as an option for clients, I notice that Front Page is popular among clients who are more into DIY for their web design.

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    It will get used, and by more people than you expect. A lot of customers end up using MS Frontpage to build their own sites and the extensions are needed if they hope to get that code online.

    Also expect the issues that arise from FP extensions to be right up there with e-mail issues as your two top support problems.
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    Frontpage server extensions have little to do with MS Frontpage these days, most MS web development environments support the use of FPSE (Front Page Sever Extensions) as a way of accessing files. For example I use Visual Studio .net 2003 for programming ASP.NET and use FPSE to communicate with my dev server.
    It allows file upload/download as well as checkin/out version control etc all transparently within the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
    Thinik of it as an alternative to FTP rather than an alternative to PHP, etc.
    Also, please be aware that FPSE are a huge potential security hole, and I would never deploy them on my production server!

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