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    * What Options do you have/recommend for taking order from customers online?


    Recently I have planned on building a Website and offer computer products. I have already purchased a template and am busy adding the products.

    Rather than paying someone to do this I have decided to do this myself, however in order for me to add shopping carts and online check out facilities it would take a little time so I figured rather than holding up my site, I would offer the customer the following method to purchase products.

    I would include a link to an order form next to each product. This form would be in Word Format and requires the customer to download it on to their desktop.

    They would then need to complete the Form by entering their personal details, along with the order number which can be obtained from the order description on the site.

    They would then need to include their Payment details, i.e. Card Details and email the Order form back to me.

    I would then complete the order and dispatch it to the customer.

    I am not sure if anyone has ever done anything like this before and if so what the response is like. I can imagine that it may reduce sale slight but this is just a short term solution until I get the site all up and running completely.

    My question to all you lovely people out there is, what do you think of this idea? Do you think it is workable? Do you recommend any other short term solution?

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    E-mail a CC number is usually not a good idea. If you must - have them fax it - that way you get a signature & that will be hard to dispute

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    Well faxing would be very difficult as not all users have Fax at their dispos. What do you mean by not being a good idea? you mean the customer could claim that they never placed th order?

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    No, because it's insecure to email anything that isn't encrypted.

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    I honestly think you might lose more sales than it would be worth, to take that approach.

    Many consumers are pretty picky as it is... and if you introduce an added step or inconvenience, I'd guess that you would lose a substantial number of orders just from that alone.

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