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    need php/mysql script done

    Hello, Iím looking to get a php script done similar to and
    Basically what I would like to do is be able to add and remove games through an admin panel. When the games are added, I would like them to automatically appear on the page in alphabetical order along with the other games in that category. I would want all games to be automatically assigned an id (if it's the 35th game added, the id would be 35). I'd want the game to open up in a frame like this: When adding games, I would type the name of the game, the URL of where the game is located, the category of which I would like the game to be placed in, and an option to select whether the game is hot or not. If the game is hot, a little hot icon would appear next the game on my website. A screenshot of what the admin would look similar to is

    I would also like stats in the admin page (basically just the number of clicks the game got).

    That's the basics of what I want. I hope that people can understand what I wrote. I'll be even more specific to whoever gets the job.

    My budget for this job is $20 USD. Many people have offered to do this script for that price, so I have no reason to go any higher.

    Please add me on aim if interested.

    or msn.
    [email protected]
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  2. #2 holds and retains proprietary ownership of those screenshots. If you'd like to license the system used it will be retailing for $50.00 USD. Otherwise, I'd appreciate it if you could remove the images.

    Thank you.

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    sue me..
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    Judge Judy's line is busy

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