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    Exclamation +++ Bussiness template - 15$ +++

    am selling this nice template for 15$

    ( made it this time with some snow for the "scammers protect", its nicer than with stamps on it, wont you say

    -customized .css
    -special fonts
    -resell rights
    -all rights
    -also html files included
    -... ( and all the other things you can think of )

    first buyer will get it;
    if you wanna buy (ONLY with PAY-PAL);
    jkust send a mail 2:
    [email protected]
    i'll send you a mail with payment instructions; just pay, and i'll send you the files ...

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    link doesn't work

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    just rechecked...
    it does 0_0

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    image doesn't load
    Loading Deck
    Freelance web designer
    XHTML CSS web sites

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    ooh, now i see.. i shut down my FTP uploader 2 soon; fixed now

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    If you remove the snowflakes from the business design, I think it would sell much easier.
    Get it at work!
    LT in the Midday, 10a-3p
    Click here

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    Looks nice, you should be able to get $15 for that easily. Nice work.

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    this template is SOLD

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    That was a Liquid2D template....
    Chuck Norris' mother called him Charles once... Once.

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