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    [Wanted] Extremely Talented Coder in PHP, MYSQL and More

    I am Currently looking for coders for our new game server control panel, I am looking for an extremely talented coder that can be professional and turn out excellent work within short periods of time. The control panel will be highly detailed and will have built in paypal functions and ordering apis (set up server instantly on order), freebsd and windows support, control panel leasing and more, pm me for more details. I am looking for GDX Quality.

    This is a paying job and It will provide good experience for other jobs in the future.

    Private Message me and ill give you more details and email to contact.

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    GDX Quality
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    Its a system with gamedaemons with their kpanel and we need a system like it or better and were willing to pay coders to design it

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    and to the person who can design this professionally will get thousands

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    I think im just going to learn php myself and code this entirely by myself because the cost of having this done and making it look professional are going to be extremely high. No more resume's thank you, unless you are an extremely talented coder.
    Thank you,

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