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    toronto dedicated servers?

    I was looking for a toronto dedicated server

    i did a quick search and found but i did notice they didn't have too many good reviews. Any other datacenters? or has canaca gotten better?

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    priority colo is supposed to be very good (a tad bit more expensive than canaca, but in this situation you get what you pay for).

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    I can also state that Priority Colo is good.

    We have servers with them and the network has been 100% for as long as I can remember.
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    is the site out of date...or do they only host up to XP1700?
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    Originally posted by adidasrta
    is the site out of date...or do they only host up to XP1700?
    The site is somewhat dated. While many of our servers are considered lower end (especially with what I've seen recently), we have lots of odds and ends servers that just really never made listings (eg. dual p3's, dual mp's, single p4-celerons, etc.).

    We have not actively been building out servers for the mass dedicated market for nearly a year now though (mostly because we refuse to oversell transit), hence why no listed high end servers, simply because our reseller accounts and colocation customers have been enough to keep us fairly occupied for quite some time.

    We do have other offerings available often enough, but theres simply not enough quantity to ever bother changing the page.

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