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    Looking for traffic testers (2000 free visitors)

    Hey all,

    I've been working on a new login/user system for my website, and it's rather complicated. It uses PayPal's IPN, PHP, MySQL, forms, and a lot of variables that have to be passed through a lot of pages.

    I'm pretty sure that I've got it all working, but I'm looking for THREE people to help test the system. All that the testers need to do is place an order from my site and check to make sure that everything works. Orders of 5000 or more will receive 2000 free visitors (any category).

    The testers need to be willing to talk with me about the system and help debug it. I need to know about any problems that the system has.

    Like I said, this is only open to three people. The site that is being tested is

    Please reply to this post if you're interested (no PM's or emails please.) Contact through an instant messenger is fine.

    Hope to hear back from some people.
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    AIM: VSSHelp Vasco
    VSS Hosting - Because uptime means everything
    You Are Suck - Can you survive?

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    IM sent on AIM.
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    I would like to be the third please

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    How about second? We don't have a second person right now.

    Do you have AIM, MSN, or YIM? Please contact me on one of those and we'll discuss the order. Thanks.

    If this goes through, then there will only be one spot left.
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    I have messaged you

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    Please note that the visitors are not FREE. An order must be placed. If the order is for 5000 or more, then you will receive an additional 2000 visitors for now charge.
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    Ok another spot is back open, as the person who was interested didn't realize that the visitors were completely free.
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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    Originally posted by massimof
    Ok another spot is back open, as the person who was interested didn't realize that the visitors weren't completely free.
    My bad.
    Kind Regards,
    Max F.

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