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    license windows 2003 server ?

    Sorry this may not be the appropiate place to post this question.
    But the Microsoft site was criptic and confusing

    I purched a legal OEM version of win2003 server enterprise and have it installed and registered on my home machine, It is installed there for OFFLINE testing purposes on a .NET project I am working on.

    when I click on the Licensing mode it opens a dialog box stating
    the following:

    Per Server, number of concurrent connections 5,
    the 5 is greyed out and the Per Server is checked, under this is
    the ability to ADD or REMOVE licenses and then another checkbox stating Per Device or Per User.

    My only purpose it to load the windows 2003 server on to a new purchased server and have this server co-located
    and also have the software available on my Home Machine for testing purposes.

    not sure if there is a question there. Is this a possibility, - do I install from the CD to the new server and then try to register the software, What does Per Device and Per User mean. Is per Device the same as having the software installed on 1 server and 5 workstations or is 2 servers one offline on online and option.

    Thanks for any advice here, I am fairly new to this,


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    I think per device is for how many devices can connect to that server, just like client, or user.

    There is only one server per package. When you got a CD package, you can install only on one server. You have to activate it before 30 days of expire. Microsoft people won't let you activate on the second server.

    For example, if you license says 25 client or user. That means this server can have either 25 other workstations connect to this or 25 users connect to this server, or the total of Workstations plus users cann't exceed 25.

    If you want to install on two servers, you can only activate on one of them, the other one, you have to reinstall every 30 days.
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    One thing to also take into consideration is the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). The license is actully "owned" by the Service Provider, but they pay MS on a much lower monthly rate. This then reduces the amount you have to pay in your over all cost.

    Now this may not be helpful now, but think of it for your future hardware and software purchases. It includes future upgrades (you keep paying per month and you get the "Free" upgreades) and includes most of MS's software.

    - Conrad

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