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    Transfer Prohibited

    That's the status of a new domain I registered 5 days ago.
    It's been like that nearly from the beginning.
    What does it mean exactly?
    And how long before it starts working properly as I get redirected to a small directory page?
    Registration was through RegisterFly ( apparently it's in their name for now) and it's a .org extension.
    Thank you.

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    new domains cannot be transfered to a new registrar within 60 days of registrration. if you are just referring to forwarding then look if you can have free forwarding from your present registrar. if not, you can contact me so i can provide you free redirection using our dns. if you have your own hosting you can change the dns to you and create an account in your server

    hope this helps


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    As soon as you change the dns it will work for you. All domains cannot be transferred within the 60 days of initial registration. | Now Live ! | Coming Soon !

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    you can change the nameservers instantly, only transfer to other registrar is prohibited
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    First of all, thank you guys!

    Secondly, I still don't understand why my domain is being redirected to this site I have nothing to do with.

    Thirdly, I don't know why all the registration details are those of RegisterFly after 5 days.

    If someone can tell me more I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again!

    PStacman, you are very kind with your offer, I actually was going to use the 10 MB that registerFly provides with the domain, as it's not a dramatically important one for me, at least at the start. So I'm expecting it to point to the space I should have on their servers.
    But I'll keep it in mind!

    PS2: I was waiting for you Bashar to join in, and you are! Thank you too!

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    I don't think anyone here will know why its not registered in your name so you should contact and find out why.
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