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    ~Looking for a partner~


    I am looking for a partner that is interested in establishing a web hosting company that offers cheap web hosting.

    I would like to start out by using a reseller account and offering either cPanel accounts. When the time is right, we can move to a dedicated server or colocate our own.

    If you would be interested in working with me, please send me the following information:

    1) Name
    2) Age
    3) Past experience
    4) What can you contribute to the company's startup?
    5) Do you have any ideas for the company?
    6) Msn address/AIM
    7) You can fork out some cash for things every once in a while

    Please add me to Msn/Aim on [email protected] for aim it's scottyciscool

    Thank you,

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    How can anyone take you seriously when you steal the text from another thread about the same topic?

    The link to the topic you took the text from:

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