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    hi there

    im using the google api. i need to extract the titles, meta tags and a snapshot of the top 10 listed sites. these will be stored into the database.

    anyone know how i can extract the titles and meta tags?

    thank you in advance.

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    You can grab the title from the ResultElement.

    By snapshot -- if you mean the google cache, you can check for cachedSize -- if it exists -- you can then request the google cache for that url.

    As for the meta tags -- you'll have to write a spider that will visit each site, download all (or a part) of the page -- and then parse the meta tags.

    Since you didn't say what language you are using -- I won't give you any language specific examples.
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    thanks fyrestrtr.

    the snapshot is actually a thumbnail gif of the site.

    i will try the resultelement. will have to check abt the spider thingy.

    im using php.

    [email protected]

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