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    [Wanted] VB or Delphi or VC+ programmer

    For a project, we are looking for a programmer in Visual C++, or Visual Basic, or eventualy Delphi.

    The project involves internet connection, and small database (flat txt file or mySQL)

    We didn't decide Visual C++ or Visual Basic,

    All payments will be done by e-gold.

    Please contact us for more details, and financial wishes.

    Thank you.

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    I am interested in this, how long should this project take and can you give an idea of what the pay is like?

    Is it e-gold ONLY?
    A lot of people don't use that so you would be limiting your options of coder by a lot
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    Sorry, I didn't know for the PM feature! My email address is

    E-gold "only" or any convertible digital currency, as from Russia there's quite no other way to pay ! Paypal can be possible, maybe...

    How long would the project take ? As fast as possible
    The pay will depend of what each programmer does...

    Please contact by email, tell me which language you use, I will tell more about the project

    Thanks !

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    Please clarify about the payment thing
    Can you use ikobo or paypal?
    Please contact I am interested
    Are you reachable at MSN/YIM/AIM?
    Primary email: advanced dot programmer at gmail dot com ..

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    About the payment, I wrote clearly E-GOLD.
    Paypal CAN be possible, BUT we prefer e-gold. Paypal will request some third-party to convert the e-gold into Paypal, and it will cost a fee.

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    Well, thanks to all who have replied to our request. We have found "the right guy" !
    Thanks to the forum team to supply such an efficient tool !

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    I am sure i regret missing this earlier Visual C++ Delphi are our forte

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