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    [Wanted] Sales Person


    I'm a developer and have created various high-end software programs.
    I'm looking for a reliable and effective sales team to sell my products.
    Tele/email/personal/web/any marketing tactics can be discussed, and commissions can average at $1G-$5G+ per week (paypal/westernunion/fedex cash) for serious salespersons.

    All software products are enterprise-grade and contain features not found in any other software of its kind: It's a rule of principle to first google search for hundreds of similar competitors' software and then start developing something better. When pitching my software, it may take only facts and program features to understand that this software is superior to anything else on te market.

    What is available so far:
    - Permission-based Enterprise-grade Bulk-Email program
    Sends up to 80,000,000 emails per day - supports a dynamic geo-cluster of servers.
    Powerful Anti Spam (100% CAN-SPAM/2003 compliant) and anti-wrongful-Anti-Spam features (automatic detection and instant IP change/server failover if listed incorrectly on any SpamCop websites - Spammers paradise - if you sign the CAN-SPAM responsibility contract).

    - Datacenter Monitoring - (Complete Service similar to Alertra)

    - Server Uptime and Backup solution - guaranteed 101.00% uptime for corporate website, solution that includes 12 different components, from DNS to Live monitoring.

    - A few dozen more high and middle-end softwares

    I apologize for being rude now but for your own sake, please don't apply if you don't have any real-world sales experience. I've had enough time wasted from big-talkers with little action.
    Serious inquiries click here to email me - specialized marketing firms and very talented individuals welcome.
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    Whats your website? I want to look at your products in a bit more depth.


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