Looking for an experienced gameserver admin? Looking to expand and need someone to run your gameserver divison of your company? Looking to set up a gameserver company but dont know too much? Need a few servers setup for you? Im your man.

I have worked for many gameserver companies for lengthy periods of time. I have also freelanced for over 100 members on WebhostingTalk and about 20 other companies off-WHT.

Prices are negotiable, depending on how many you need setup and also what you need doing, deals are also possible. See contact details at bottom. I can either do freelance work or do work for 1 single company (large role).

My HalfLife package is:

Full Half Life Dedicated Server install - Price depends on how many servers you require setting up. Usually around $15 per server. Prices aren't fixed as such, they are negotiable.
Includes: Half Life Dedicated Server Install, Any HalfLife Mod installed, Game updates to the latest version, highly tweaked server.cfg (provides the essential final touches for great performance), start script (can start up to 20 servers by just typing 1 command), restart script (if a server crashes or is exited then it will automatically start it up again), installation of metamod, Up to 3 Metamod plugins installation and configuration (eg. Adminmod, statsme, HLGuard).

Due to the large demand for my services I am only able to accept customers who need 2 or more server installs. Or a minimum payment of $30.

I can provide server setup guides for nearly every game available. These cost between $25 and $30 dollars. They contain in-depth information about every step of the process of installing gameservers.

I can do this at pretty much any time I'm needed, even with little notice. I can do pretty much any other game too, just I specialise in halflife. I can work well on IRC (any network needed), managing a channel if need be. I can also provide Support/Sales Work included in a package. Use the details below so we can discuss this.

You can contact me the following ways, or of course PM me.
MSN = [email protected]
Email = [email protected]
IRC = email me to arrange a meeting point. You can find me on irc.chatspike.net as the user "Nick"