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    Ad space available for webhosting

    Hello Everyone,

    I am selling banner adspace on my website :
    The site is targeted to 'techies' looking for tutorials on various design and programming subjects. I have a rather large banner placed at the top of the page right now just for illustration purposes and that's where your ad would be. The banner should be standard sized ( 468 x 60 ), and not too animated. Depending on the day of the week I get anywhere from 200 to 500+ uniques/day.

    The advertisement would be on a CPM basis and at this time I'm offering a rate of $1 CPM with a minimum of 10K impressions purchase. ($10 minimum order amount). These impressions will runout in anywhere from 6 to 10 days. Upon completion, rates may be renegotiated if you wish to continue advertising on the site.

    Right now I will only select one web host for this ad space so you will be the exclusive host seen by all my visitors. Great opportunity to test the waters and see if this works for you. Please PM me if interested.


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    PM was sent.

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    i might be interested in july. please pm me if still avalible then.


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