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    Java/Oracle Hosting

    Has someone first hand experience of a good Java (servlets)/Oracle host allowing advanced work?

    I am now using a major host (for several years) for .NET, MS SQL, but I want to develop solutions (or test them) in Java, Oracle and determine the suitability of Cocoon and other XML related technologies.

    I want a good host though. I have been developing sites since 1999, and I have seen first hand good and bad hosting companies.

    A good company has working servers (24/7) and 24/7 tech support with a 60 min response time, and flexible contracts.

    When I see "minimum term 12 months", on the day of signing up, I start to question the service.

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    Try HostQuote on top, or something like HostVoice to search for companies (make sure you specify exactly what you want). When you get the names, use the search feature at WHT for feedback on them.

    Good luck!

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