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    Post PHP coder and a Designer Needed

    Hello, I need a website made and it includes a backend php system and everything. Basically, the script/php system is a members system/ extended AIM (AOL Instand Messenger) service.
    The thing is, when you click the link in the profile, instead of it opening in the profile window, it opens in the AIM Today window (I will supply you with the command for that).

    Basically, I want a clone of www(dot)aimbuzz(dot)com, if not better. I need it to include all features that AIMBuzz has and maybe a few more little ones, not sure. It's not a big deal though. Please know that the whole profile service at www(dot)aimbuzz(dot)com is not yet complete and they still have more coding but they do mention/show all features it will have even though many ARE completed and can be viewed if you sign up and get an account for yourself. Please DO sign up and check it all out.

    Here is a list of some of the sections(not in detail) that they have for the profiles:

    - Home
    -Friends (a list of people,their s/n's and if feature turned on by user, their names show as well) + (people who have viewed the profile and how many times it has been viewed)
    -SubPages (which you can add subpages to)
    - Small photo gallery (containt pictures that person has uploaded from users section on main site)

    Go ahead and check out my profile for an example, my screen name is LNFIN1t1. Please notice that they have not completed and released all features publically yet.

    In this project, I will need the site design and coding, at least 1 theme/style for the profile (has option to change templates), whole php backend system (user system, when user signs up, a whole profile account is created for him, etc.), etc. Basically the whole site and it's system.

    If you are really good with php but suck at design I suggest you partner with someone to do the job. I honesly think that the coder should get a higher amount of the salary, but that's none of my business and I'll leave it up to you.

    This is going to be sort of like an auction, give me your prices and I will accept or decline, will also be based on your experience and my liking of your design skills. I wouldn't place such a high quote for this because you guys have to basically give me the best offer to get the job. So far, someone offered to do this for me for 80 dollars and I was just about to hire him until he told me that he can only start in 2 weeks due to him already working on a few other projects.

    Contact me via one of the following methods and we'll talk:

    AIM: LNFIN1t1
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    ~Thanks In Advance

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    I can do it pm with more info about it. Like

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    I can do it to.....

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    people, notice I said best offer is what I'll take. Make your offers here. I'm not certain how long I want it done in because I don't know how long somehting like this takes exactly... 1 week enough? I'm not sure, give me your opinions.

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    some suggestions... 1 week is not enough time and $80 is definitely not enough money lol...

    You seem to have a lot of requirements for this site especially in regards to your proposed project fee.

    I am a php developer and i know it isnt worth it for anything near that amount.

    The website design alone will cost you that much or more.

    It is better for you to tell us your budget and see what you can get from it.

    but good luck.

    If you decide you want some professional work contact me.



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