Dear all,

Looking to move to someone reliable, stands by their support, and provides stellar uptime? We aren't going to bombard you with self-praises but will just present the facts for you to decide!

1. Uptime
Uptime on our main server (monitored on 3rd party systems - 3 location every 3 minutes):

2. Support
Our SLA ( says:

"6. Support Availability: 100% of all email or help tickets sent to [email protected] will be answered within 24 hours. If a Customer experiences a longer response time, Customer may receive a credit of 1/30 the monthly rate or charge applicable to the Service for every occurance."

Live support available. (MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM)

3. Hardware Used
Our servers use:
- Dual Xeon 2.6 Ghz
- SCSI Harddisk

All future and new servers commissioned will match this or higher.

4. Datacenter Used
We currently use Neutelligent ( which is located in Tampa Bay, Florida located on the East Coast.

We are in the process of acquiring new servers from Jupiter Hosting ( which is located in Santa Clara, California located on the West Coast to give us a better geographical coverage from East to West. Servers at this location will be available within 30 days.

5. Network Connectivity
Level 3, UUNet, Aleron, Epik on Gigabit lines.


6. Plans Details & Pricing Information
Shared Hosting:
Reseller Hosting:
Email Hosting:

7. Test Drive
IP to Ping:
Download Speed:

IP to Ping:
Download Speed: [Not Available Yet]

8. Client Testimonials
A compilation is available on our forums, including comments on 3rd Party sites:

9. Questions?
Contact us at [email protected] or try one of the live support means at

Skeptical? Try us out. 45 Days No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee for all who are switching from a competitor. Just quote this thread when asking for a money-back to enjoy the extra 30+ days of Money-Back.

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