now has a New Fee Structure!

Having decided not to sell our site and to simplify, improve and add more value to our services for all users, we are changing our fees!

Effective immediately, there are NO "Up-Front" FEES for new auction listings or upgrades (Bold, Highlighted, Category Featured, Homepage Featured, Reserve Price, Buy it Now, Etc.)!! This applies to ALL auction categories, ALL auction types and ALL auction users!

This is NOT a short term special Offer!!

This means there is absolutely NO RISK TO LIST!!

Offer your items at auction with NO FEES of any kind unless you sell! The only fee that will be charged is a very low, flat rate 2.5% final value fee (no multi-level fees like eBay!) and ONLY IF YOU SELL!

It's better than free advertising!

- Never a Sign-up Fee!
- Never a Buyers Fee!
- No "Up-Front" Listing Fees!
- No "Up-Front" Listing Upgrade Fees!
- No "Reserve Price" Fee!
- No "Buy it Now" Fee!
- LOW Flat rate 2.5% Final Value Fee, ONLY IF YOU SELL!

So, there is absolutely NO RISK TO LIST and there are NO FEES UNLESS YOU SELL!! If you don't sell, there will not be any charge!!

Why are we doing this? Simple - We feel we have no right to charge you any fees unless our site has benefited you and helped you sell your products or services. Why pay a fee just to offer something for auction like on other sites? If you pay an initial listing fee or upgrade fee, and your item doesn't sell, you actually end up loosing money! This is the complete opposite of what you are trying to achieve and We don't think that is fair so we have eliminated our "up front" auction listing and upgrade fees and you will only be charged the Final Value Fee if we have done our job and helped you sell!

With our new NO "Up-Front" FEES structure, our site is a great place for young businesses to start offering products and/or services with no up-front cost!

Some of the companies who use :

-Z-T Hosts UK
... and many more!!

List your auctions now... What have you got to lose?


We have lowered our WebStores Fees!!

Here are the new WebStores Prices:

Basic WebStore (up to 25 items) NOW ONLY $5.95/month
Starter WebStore (up to 50 items) NOW ONLY $8.95/month
Advanced WebStore (up to 100 items) NOW ONLY $12.95/month
Enterprise WebStore (up to 250 items) NOW ONLY $29.95/month
Power Seller WebStore (up to 500 items) NOW ONLY $39.95/month
Unlimited Seller WebStore (up to 10,000 items) NOW ONLY $59.95/month

Open your own WebStore TODAY!

We hope everyone will enjoy or new fee structure and use our site for all of their industry related auction buying and selling needs!

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