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    Require PHP Coder to develop Alert System - $400

    This is a PHP script which should not take very long to develop.

    Price: $400 USD

    Project details: The script basically alerts employees when a server is down it does this by getting notifications via email. The script needs to parse the information and output this information into a HTML file which will get included (like SSI) in the helpdesk for employees to see.

    The notification is handled by a 3rd party service who monitors our servers and sends XML data via email of a downed service. Therefore the script does not require any "monitoring/checking of downed services."

    Detailed Description of Project:

    The script needs to check a POP account, if it has email, it needs to parse that email. The email contains simple <XML> data such as "<server></server> <downtime>15mins</downtime>

    It then has to output this NICELY into a HTML file and then save this into a directory as our helpdesk will include this file (like SSI).

    The HTML file needs to have a "RESOLVE" submit button so that when employees CLICK on this, it tells the PHP script to wipe the HTML file so it no longer shows any notifications.

    PHP SKills required: Know how to check POP3 accounts, send emails via PHP, write HTML file, good at passing/receiving form variables, and very good with PHP SECURITY!!.

    If you are EXPERIENCED with PHP and you are up for the job.. Which I think would only take 2 days to develop, please send me your AOL AIM, YAHOO, OR ICQ NICK. Also send me a brief resume on your skills, E.G. Years of PHP programming experience, personal details, work history, etc.

    NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PROJECT FOR THOSE OUT TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK, I am looking for an EXPERIENCED PHP developer. If you create a buggy, half working script with security holes do not expect to get paid.

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    we can do this

    e-mail: info[dog]amber-pro[dott]com
    ICQ: 202155762
    MSN: amber_pro[dog]
    AIM AmberrPro

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    i recommend "null" on the boards he did a script for me and he is very professional
    Steven Ciaburri | Industry's Best Server Management -
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    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers (Las Vegas, New York City, & Amsterdam) (AS62710)
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    Would you be able to send me a sample e-mail like the one you will recieve,

    I will then make you a quick demo and you can judge if this is what you want, No Strings Attached



    [email protected]?subject=Pop3 XML mail script

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    We are IT Script Team: offshore software developing / design company located in Russia.

    IT Script team consists of experienced programmers/designers working on web development market more then 6+ years.

    Our portfolio, presenting work samples with estimations, skills and references can be found here:

    Our team has a great experience in web development. We have 6+ years of commercial web development experience and have developed a lot of script of various complexities.

    Fast communications, updates and support is also one of our advantages – we know what deadlines are!

    You can check our portfolio at our site. But here are some our latest works: (resellers version)
    …and many other can be found in portfolio.

    We already have an experience recieving XML feeds, parsing and submitting into human/script readable format.

    You can contact us by email: [email protected]
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    Anton A. Chukhlomin,
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    I can create this solution for you. I have over 8 years of programming experience and have a BS in computer science & finance from the university of san francisco.

    I am very familiar with coding php with security in mind such as cross site scripting, sql injections, directory traversal, escaping, ect.

    My email is blacknaga[at] Contact me so I can send you my resume.


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    We have a script running on our server now that alert via sms and email.

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