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    Sending Mail only working Sometimes!

    I run a site where it requires you to activate your account via email. I am trying to email all of our users. I'm using php to send out the emails and as of now I'm only trying to send an email to my address just to check for the correct format and that its working, but every time I try to send out an email I don't recieve it. I have no idea how to fix this nor do I have any idea how to read the maillogs. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Ryan Amos

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    Hello Ryan

    When sending an email from the php form to lets say yahoo, does the email get there?

    Some spam engines stop non RFC compliant emails.

    usually the mail logs are located in /var/log
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    Hotmail seems to be the only place I have noticed that they block our emails because of spam. I am trying to send myself an email. One without and spam filtering...

    I can confirm that the logs are located there.

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