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    Looking for a partner


    I am looking for a partner that is interested in establishing a web hosting company that offers virtual/reseller web hosting. We will not be a company that offers dirt cheap prices - but a company that offers quality!

    I would like to start out by using a reseller account and offering either Plesk/cPanel accounts. When the time is right, we can move to a dedicated server or colocate our own.

    If you would be interested in working with me, please send me the following information:

    1) Name
    2) Age
    3) Past experience
    4) What can you contribute to the company's startup?
    5) Do you have any ideas for the company?
    6) AIM/ICQ information

    Please e-mail me directly at [email protected] with the above information and I will shoot you a reply ASAP

    Thank you,

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    I added you to msn.
    Hoping you can send me the same information back.

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    I'm doing some ofsite work right now and dont have access to my email. But if your interested email me and we may well be able to work something out if you are interested Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
    Your Hosting Company!

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    hey ok im looking for someone like you too! look in my wht profile to contact me, whats your aim address?

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