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Thread: MizerHost?

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    Question MizerHost?


    Anyone in here ever try If so I would like to have your feedback. I currently have a free option and I wonder if I should be foward. I did not have any problems yet and I can actually say the service is pretty good but will that last?


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    A search on them turns up nothing, I think I moved a customer away from them, but dont quote me on it...
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    The final call is yours, but several things worry me about this host. The first is the obvious one - pricing. Their prices are quite cheap - too cheap IMHO and to be so new that sends up warnings for me.

    Number two, the company has yet to finish with the website. There are still pages with 'Some Text here' on them. Any company who was serious about things would't launch their website half filled, or at least would put up an 'under construction' sign of some sorts. Quite unprofessional IMHO.

    Number three, the testimonials section is suspicious at best. There are no links to actual websites of these people are the names are quite common which could possibly suggest they are not real, but don't hold me to that one.

    The final thing to consider is this - would you pay to have what you have now?

    Just some things to think about.

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