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    Post hosting clients for sale...


    I have few hosting clients for sale. I no longer have the time to maintain and promote the business, so im getting out.

    What included in this sale?

    Total of 25 clients.

    (x) Clients : 9
    (x) Hosting clients : 6
    (x) Reseller clients : 3
    (x) Monthly income: $112

    (x) Client: 16
    (x) Hosting: 11
    (x) Reseller: 5
    (x) Annual income: $1469

    Total Annual income (monthly+annually) = $2813

    Hosting/reseller packages:
    200MB to 2GB storage
    10GB to 50GB bandwidth
    - All clients are on 1 server. located at burst.
    - P4 3.0ghz 512MB RAM, CPanel/WHM 145/month
    - Server is optional. you can move them to your own server.
    - Bandwidth useage: 134GB per month.
    - All clients pay by credit card.
    -Annual client are 5 month old. you should expect the next annual payment within 7 month.
    -80% of clients based in US

    Current Disk Usage
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda7 1012M 182M 779M 19% /
    /dev/hdc1 57G 7.0G 47G 13% /backup
    /dev/hda1 76M 12M 61M 16% /boot
    /dev/hda8 46G 6.7G 37G 16% /home
    none 251M 0 251M 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/hda5 1012M 36M 925M 4% /tmp
    /dev/hda3 4.0G 2.1G 1.8G 54% /usr
    /dev/hda2 4.0G 858M 2.9G 23% /var

    Im looking for somebody to take a good care of my clients. I want them to be in good hands.
    I will help the buyer to transfer all the clients to his own server and will give him all the information he needs.

    That all.
    25 clients and server (optional)
    Website and domain is not for sale.

    Offers above $750 will be considered.

    If you have any questions, you can contact or chat with me at MSN: [email protected]


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    What's the server cost / month?

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    Originally posted by whsox21
    What's the server cost / month?
    - P4 3.0ghz 512MB RAM, CPanel/WHM 145/month

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    7 times monthly revenue?

    Are you willing to sign a non compete agreement?
    What country is your business from?

    Hockey is Life

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    I think 7 times monthly revenue is reasonable.
    Yes, I will sign a non-compete agreement per request.

    Please email me for more information.

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    Would you consider anything under $750? If we can provide quick sale?

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    jezzomaster - Thank you for your interest.
    Sorry, I can't go below $750.

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    Then I guess I will start my rant.

    1) You are not making any profit. Only with yearly do you make profit, which have already been collected.

    2) Per month, the costs dont match up for the server.

    3) Can you get on MSN so we can chat? You don't have PM options yet, so if you tell us your MSN screen name, it would be nice if you were online.

    *** I am very interested in this sale and ready to purchase right away.

    Thank you very much,

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    How much space and bandwidth is allotted?

    Meaning, if every person used everything they have to full capacity, how much of server would be taken up?

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    What's the current bid? Also, what plans are these clients on?

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    and can i buy just a few clients?

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    I am interested in purchasing all of the clients, so I think that would be a no, since I will probably get all of them.

    I am very interested in purchasing them very soon.

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    Is this offer still going.

    If so do you AIM or any other chat program?
    Robert Merrihue - President/CEO
    Where resellers become a host on servers we own and operate.
    Web Hosting Since 2000 *** 12+ Years in the hosting industry

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    Offer: $875.00

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    Offer: $876

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    jezzomaster - The server comes with 1000GB Bandwidth and users use ~ 134GB per month.
    please email me so I can send you more details.
    I will be on MSN tomorrow morning.

    RobM - Thank you for your interest. I will download AIM tomorrow morning so we can chat.

    Hey It's Me - Thank you for your offer. you are currently at the top.
    Please email me so we can close this deal.

    Current best offer is $875 by, Hey It's Me.

    Bid increasement: $50

    Clients are still available until I close the deal.
    I will post updates in here.

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    What is your email address?

    I bid $900 right here

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    999999 here lol jk

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    Would you like to update the post?

    Thank you.

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    Current best offer is $1000

    I am available on MSN.

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    Clients sold for $1000

    Thank you all for your interest.

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