Redpin is pleased to announce not only new new features and services, but a limited-time special for WHT members.

We've been offering reliable email services since the fall of 2002. We started off with one machine, offering just SMTP and POP3 on the standard ports, with no spam filtering, no bells or whistles.

Over time, we've added new features - IMAP, numerous webmail programs, additional servers, backup MX servers, alternate SMTP ports, Spamassassin filtering and the use of DNSBLs. We've always been privacy and security advocates - you can get our PGP key here - so it's perhaps not surprising that we've now added SSL support to one of our mailservers. Not even 256-bit, or even 1024-bit SSL, nope, 2048 bits of encryption goodness.

To kick off our new SSL-enabled email service, we're offering a special deal to WHT members and visitors: up to 10 email accounts @yourdomain.tld, plus other goodies, for 20 USD per quarter with no setup fees - less than $7 per month. 2Checkout (preferred), PayPal, or cheques are acceptable.

You can read all about this new offer right here, baby.

This offer is good through May 31, 2004; the usual TOS, available on our website, are, naturally, applicable. Spammers need not apply, and no bulk emailing is permitted.

PM, email, or call with any questions... and act now!