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    flash/web designer need

    I have couple flash/html websites that need to designed

    1 definite , 2 more possible if the first one goes well

    I need to find some flash/web designers to help me keep up with projects

    They will be custom projects not templates, using images provided by clients etc

    The people designing them will have to be very patient, able to deal with pain in the *** clients wanting multiple revisions

    I need

    rough pricing

    flash splash/home/header (not big intros)
    flash navigation,
    layout for interior pages

    Examples of work

    I have people contact me with what look like awesome portfolios , but when they are required to come up with something custom ...not so good

    You have to be as good or hopefully better then I am

    when the projects are completed they will be added to my client list , company portfolio etc

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    I would be glad to give you a hand.

    See my portfolio at

    You may also want to drop by these links

    I would like to have a discution with you. You can contact me via email at yougagnon[at] or on MSN using the same adress.


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    I have several years experience in the web design and flash feild and feel I am perfect for the job. I create only custom layouts and graphics and settle for nothing less than my best. For a full list of what I can do and my history, visit my website.

    A list of what I have done:
    Corporate website for the leader in worker's comp in New Jersey. Goal was to develop a professional image of the company in order to beat the competition online.
    Graphics and layout for an online store and auction venture. I was in charge of creating the graphics and the image of OffersDepot.
    Logo study for a graphic design class. Not client work but it shows my skills in creating an identity as well as being innovative with a corporate identity.
    My personal portfolio. It demonstrates my skills in Flash animation, Flash navigation, as well as unique imagery.

    Other projects, non-web based:

    First MCO Provider Tool - Designer. Worked along side
    Aubergine - Branding for dance-wear company
    Copilot - Designer for band

    You may contact me at:
    AIM: I am smooney
    MSN: sk8krog [at]

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    We're interested in your offer, please take a look at and get back to me if you see something that you like. Multiple references are also available.

    Pricing information is also available upon contact.

    Best Regards,
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Dear ferret 77 ,

    I'm a professional webdesigner , creative in all sorts of programs , like After Effects 5 , 3D Max 6 , Swift 3D v3 , Flash and many more.
    I don't have the time now , but I began an action for selling my work and skills for not a much of money.

    I will contact you soon.

    Regards Yordi.
    Ps.I'll email you , but you can allso contact me on my email.

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    We are a newly formed small UK based IT company that are seeking to build our portfolio. We are therefore offering some initial projects at heavily discounted prices in order to build up our portfolio. For a high quality static website with some nice graphics/flash work up to ten pages we will charge not more than $99. We guarantee that you don't have to buy something with which your not 100% satisfied.
    No job is too small for us to consider. We take pride in all our work.
    Graphics throughout the site.
    The designer has a fine art degree.
    This offer is for an individually made website, we do not use templates.

    Skill sets we offer:
    Fine art design work
    Programming Languages
    HTML, PHP, Perl / CGI, XML
    Java Script, VB Script
    We have experience in a wide range of database applications.
    Please contact us for further information.
    If interested then kindly contact us: [email protected]
    Some sites of ours we are currently almost finished with.

    You don't actually have to risk a dime with us! Don't commit yourself to buying a product you havenít seen. I take a small $10 deposit that is refundable if you reject or totally don't like our first initial design. You risk nothing. We are open to any mutually advantageous business cooperation.
    As of now, although we are a new company, I have two clients from WHT who are delighted with their first initial outline. I am sure if I asked their permission that you could contact them for a reference if required.

    If you have already got your supplier sorted out then I hope it meets with your expectations.

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