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    Looking for osCommerce expert and web/graphic designer

    Hi all, been lurking for a while, learned quite a bit so far but I just do not have the time I need to learn/do another website for myself the way I want it.

    To start: I sell log furniture online. I will be using osCommerce for this new site.

    What I need is someone who is able to customize osCommerce enough so that, to put it simply, it does not look like osCommerce. One of my competitors uses osCommerce and I do not want to have the same format.

    I only need on the left side of the page the products box, the search box, and the information box. On the right side I would like just the shopping cart box to show.

    I am not familiar with all the contributions to osCommerce, but I do know I will need some kind of thumbnail program that will create thumbnails for me as not all my pictures are the same size. They are coming up warped atm.

    Also I think I read about a contribution that would resize the website based upon the resoultion the client is using on their monitor. Or a contribution that would center the cart on the screen.

    As far as the design and look I would like a log theme.

    A banner made up out of a log or something to that effect (my imagination is not the greatest). Room in the middle of the banner for a "motto" -your #1 source for log furniture- At the bottom of the banner it would be nice to have boxes to click on to go to different pages (like touring the plant, faqs, testimonials, etc.) something like seen on this site: www(dot)carblitesolutions(dot)com/index.php

    A round logo in the top left corner with our toll free phone number. Maybe a little larger than the banner so that it stands out some.

    |logo|_______banner______| <--yeah my skill's are killer.

    If the add to cart buttons were made out of log too that would be great with the words add to cart "burnt" into the log

    Maybe have some flash animation of some sort in the banner? Like a wood burning effect of the motto burning into the log?

    The products list on the side I would like to highlight for the selection. Something like seen here www(dot)kitchensolutions(dot) - but maybe have each category/subcategory be a log with the category name burnt in?

    The most important thing in this project would be the usuability of the website. Our clients are usually not the most internet savvy so I would like something super easy to navigate through. Lots of retired clients outfitting their cabins.

    Easy ordering process - I accept all 4 major credit cards and money order/certified check - all processed offline.

    As far as adding products and their options I can do that - will be adding around 500 more products soon.

    Hope this makes some sort of sense. Also I have no real imagination as far as design goes so if you think of something better let me know.

    If anyone would like to tackle this please contact me at jason (at) jhuntenterprises (dot) com with some examples of your work and with any other questions you need answered in order to get me a quote.

    No real time limit - sooner is better, but quality is what I want.

    Thank you,

    jason (at) jhuntenterprises (dot) com

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    Hi there do you have an approx budget for this project and can you also check your mail.


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    Sounds interesting. I would like to help you out if you have not settled on anyone yet.


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