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    Website redesign requested!

    Since I am an utter n00b here and can't post links to my company websites let me explain the situation.

    Our company does a LOT of financial and healthcare related security assessment work. We also do placement (IT related) and general IT consulting. We have two websites. And we're looking to more or less combine them into one whole entity.

    I'm looking to see some examples of prior work with security or IT companies (NOT HOSTING!!!!!!) that is slick and professional looking. We have all the text and the overall site navigation already in place - we just need help in upgrading over the CRAPPY site we have now.

    Please show me examples of your work and estimated costs for a nine to ten page website.


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    Can you also email me as i can't pm you or email - anjam at

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    Hi Eye-R-Es, we are intersted. Could you send us an Email as well
    projects [at]


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    Money is the root of all evil. So if you don't want to go crazy, give it all to me

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    Hi. Our site is . We can do an amazing high quality IT website, with logo(optional), flash, full graphics, unique front page and subpages, 9-10 html pages with text implementation, contact form for $350USD . This includes multiple concepts and unlimited revisions.

    Please view our work above and if interested(or want to see more of our work), please contact me back. Take care.

    Best Regards,
    Anthony Jewell
    The Team
    [email protected]

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    do u have aim?

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    Website Design


    we are interested in working with you. we have worked on a good no. of websites and you can go through our design portfolio at

    Our rates start from $150 for a 5-6 page HTML website and we can provide you a quote based on your requirements.

    Do let me know if you need any other details.


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    I'm interested -

    My portfolio is at

    Contact - blalox at

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    We are newly formed small UK based IT company that are seeking to build our portfolio.
    We are therefore offering some initial projects ata heavily discounted price in order to build up our portfolio. For a high quality static website with some nice graphics/flash work up to ten pages we will charge not more than. We will take not more than a initial deposit, which is refundable if you reject our initial outline design. We guarantee that you don't have to buy something with which your not 100% satisfied.
    Graphics throughout the site.
    The designer has a fine art degree.
    This offer is for an individually made website, we do not use templates.

    Skill sets we offer:
    Fine art design work
    Programming Languages
    HTML, PHP, Perl / CGI, XML
    Java Script, VB Script
    We have experience in a wide range of database applications.
    Please contact us for further information.
    If interested then kindly contact us: [email protected]
    Some sites of ours we are currently almost finished with.

    If you have already got your supplier sorted out then I hope it meets with your expectations.

    Edit: Prices removed upon poster's request
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    Our Portfolio

    please contact us to discuss your requirements

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