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    VDS/VPS a good choice for hosting?

    Hey guys and gals. I need some advice. I currently have around 25 clients (70% static content) and I intend to gain more. I started with a reseller account and recently upgraded to a mid-range VDS from Dinix (which I have found to be reliable and well supported). However, after reading multiple posts on WHT I have come to find out that a VDS/VPS may not be the best choice for hosting multiple sites for profit.

    So perhaps I would be better off with an entry level box from servermatrix or interserver?

    Could anyone who has used a VDS/VPS in hosting for profit share their experience. Also is the cPanel/WHM stat for memory regularly in excess of 80% on a VDS/VPS? Thanks.

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    I think as Dinix use Virtuozzo that 80% reported means that 80% of 4GB has been used but that means 1GB is free which doesn't sound to bad from

    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Thanks for your help Rus, I appreciate it.

    Now I'm just curious about the VDS/VPS from a "hosting-for-profit" standpoint.

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    I have a VPS and host a quite a few small sites for friends, a few organizations I am a part of, and a few for small businesses for a charge and getting more every week. (I have the lowest plan but should be upgrading soon)

    Most VPS's use pretty solid hardware. My host, VPSColo, utilizes dual Xeons, SCSI drives w/ raid, and has a nightly tape backup. To get your own ded server with these specs then you would be paying in excess of a few undred dollars a month. Now - I understand that a VPS I get only a fraction of this but this shows the potential of what I can burst to as well as redundancy and quality of the box.

    I would compare a VPS with a lowend dedicated as what you get in resources (memory, CPU) with a dedicated server you lose in quality, redundancy, and ability to burst.

    I would say you are ok for now unless you are already overtaxing your VPS. Personally, if the VPS is ok I would just wait and upgrade to a quality dedictaed box when you have enough clients.

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